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So. I have a slight new obsession. Last weekend my best friend and I took my brother and sister to go see the new Cinderella (but really we went for ourselves and they happened to come with)....

Let's just say we enjoyed it waaay more than my younger siblings did. I mean honestly the movie is freakin beautiful. We're both already huge Disney fans as is, but this movie was such a beautiful interpretation of an already magical story. The cast was great: Lily James as Cindy, Richard Madden as Prince Charming (excuse me while my ovaries explode), Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine, and Helena Bonham Carter as the fairy godmother. The scenery was also great and extremely beautiful. The storyline was actually so much better than the original movie - Ella wasn't a damsel in distress. It was explained to us why she didn't save herself, why she couldn't leave the home she grew up in. The Prince was so much more well-rounded as well - struggling with the notion of becoming king of the kingdom. The two really ended up saving each other. 

Okay this is not a movie critic blog so onto the relevant stuff: THE COSTUMES

Sandy Powell (the costume designer for this movie) did an amazing job. Overall, all the costumes were extravagant. Especially the stepsisters, stepmother and fairy godmother. The stepsisters' bright pink and yellow dresses gave a little-girl feel - perfect, of course, since they're immature and naive. Lady Tremaine dressed darkly yet sophisticated, reflecting her cruel, acid personality in blacks and silky greens. The fairy godmother's dress was flouncy, sparkly and spectacular. I mean really people how much more fairy godmother-esque could you get??

Cinderella also looked extravagant, but in a more humble and modest way. The famous blue dress was revamped with flowers and butterflies adorning her sleeves, giving an innocent feel, and layers upon layers of sparkly blue tulle that created a bright, intense blue. Seriously, when you see this in the movie theater the dress pops against the stairs of the Prince's castle.

The dress was not CGI. In an interview I watched of Lily James and Richard Madden (yes, I have been watching many of those...probably too many), Lily explained that the dress was layered with various materials so that the light reflects on it in such a way that the color pops. More about the dress here:                                                
Cindy's wedding dress was just as innocently extravagant. The long sleeves from the original movie's wedding dress was kept, but they were made sheer. The bodice was similar to the blue dress, only decorated with flowers at the top. The dress's skirt was full (but not as full as the blue dress) and also decorated with beautiful flowers that went all the way down the long train.

I practically cried at the wedding scene btw...KITELLA FOREVER 

 I think I'll end this post with some fangirl-worthy gifs/pics.

I ship them so hard...
 xx. K