Welcome to my fashion blog! This is really the first time I've done anything like this. I have a Pinterest account (https://www.pinterest.com/kalyxar/), a Tumblr fashion blog (http://bykalyxa.tumblr.com/), and a Polyvore account (http://kalyxa.polyvore.com/). However with this blog, I'd have something created solely by myself. I will most likely be posting OOTDs and trends that I notice, or things that I am currently loving. There may be posts about things I am drawing style inspiration from - movies, tv shows, music or books. 

I'm not sure exactly how popular this blog will become, or if anyone is even reading this. But it's of no importance - I think it's more important that I keep a record of my taste, my outfit experiments, my inspirations and my discoveries in the fashion world. Especially if I'm going to fulfill my dream of working in the fashion industry :)

xx. K